This litigation relates to both automotive and industrial machinery Bearings purchased directly from a defendant.

“Bearings” are friction-reducing devices that allow one moving part to glide past another moving part.

A $16,538,888 settlement with the Schaeffler Defendants was approved by the Court on November 15, 2017. The Court has scheduled a hearing on a proposed plan of distribution of the Schaeffler settlement funds and Settlement Class Counsel’s requests for reimbursement of litigation expenses and service awards to the Class Representatives on July 23, 2020. If you want to receive a share of the Schaeffler settlement funds, you must submit a valid Claim Form no later than August 21, 2020.

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Important Dates

  • June 25, 2020
    Objection Deadline
  • August 21, 2020
    Claim Filing Deadline
  • July 23, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.
    Fairness Hearing
    Theodore Levin U.S. Courthouse
    Courtroom 250
    231 West Lafayette Boulevard
    Detroit, MI 48226