This litigation relates to Fuel Injection Systems purchased directly from a Defendant.

"Fuel Injection Systems" refers to products that admit fuel or a fuel/air mixture into engine cylinders and may include fuel injectors, high pressure pumps, rail assemblies, feed lines, electronic throttle bodies, engine control units, fuel pumps, fuel pump modules, pressure regulators, pulsation dampers, electronic throttle motors, as well as an array of meters (e.g., airflow meters and/or air mass meters), sensors (e.g., air mass sensors, altitude sensors, boost pressure sensors, cam position sensors, manifold absolute pressure sensors, mark sensors, phase sensors, pressure sensors, and/or speed sensor temperature sensors), and valves (e.g., check valves, cut-off valves, injection valves, and/or purge control valves), and other components sold as a unitary system, as part of a broader system, such as an engine management system, or as separate components. These listed parts are encompassed by the definition “Fuel Injection Systems” regardless of whether they are used in the Fuel Injection Systems or for some other purpose.

Settlements with the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, HIAMS, MITSUBA, and DENSO Defendants have been approved by the Court. To see documents relating to these settlements, please click here.

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